Seam finding sensor SF35

Sensors of the SF-Series from ScoutVision are the best solution for the perfect positioning of a
welding torch on weld seams, for e.g. seam welding on a chassis in vehicle construction.
With real workpieces, the position and direction of a weld seam can deviate from the saved
seam position, but in industrial and automated production very short production cycles do not
allow manual correction before each welding process.

Sensor headSF35
Nominal distance[mm]250
FOV (near) [mm]20
FOV (far) [mm]35
Depth of field[mm]90
Measurement accuracy[mm]0.25
Measurement areadepends on field of view an depth of field
Gap area0.1 mm – 70 mm (depends on sensor type)
Lead> 25 mm
Wavelength660 nm (visible)
Laser SecurityLaser Class 3B
Calibrationwith calibration plate
Industrycooling air, protection glass etc.
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