Seam tracking sensor ST35

Sensors of the ScoutVision ST-Series are contactless weld seam or weld bead seam tracking sensors
with optical scanning. It is the newest solution for all robots and special machines for welding with
control control over the position of the torch or welding optic in MIG/MAG and Laser welding.
ScoutVisions ST-Sensors are used in conjunction with robots or special machines to automate weld
processes to provide advanced solutions for many complex and difficult applications.

Sensor head ST35
Nominal distance[mm] 150
FOV (near) [mm] 20
FOV (far) [mm] 60
Depth of field[mm] 130
Measurement accuracy[mm] 0.25
Measurement area depends on field of view an depth of field
Gap area 0.1 mm – 70 mm (depends on sensor type)
Lead > 25 mm
Wavelength 660 nm (visible)
Laser security Laser Class 3B
Calibration with calibration plate
Size[mm] 40*60*110
Weight 520 g
Industry cooling air, protection glass etc.
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